Wettbewerb New York Citylights

Inevitably, whenever a photo of the Guggenheim Museum or Empire State Building is taken, a lightpost or traffic light will be visible too.

Those lights will not be recognised as an own entity even though they are omnipresent in a city like NY.

We newly interpret those lighting designs and turn them into a multi-functional city feature. Our design is based on an elliptical extruded steel or aluminum profile which is custom made to a parabolic form depending on its intended usage.

The elliptical crossection has an anchor track integrated to each vertex, on which countless add-ons can be installed (traffic lights, additional luminaires, street signs, etc...), depending on its required use. Luminous source and reflectors are incorporated in the self supporting structure thus turning the profile into the light source itself, therefore upgrading the main function of the street lighting.

Hradil, raumlos, raum.los, raum.los – architektur, Stadtmöbel, Beleuchtung, Lightning, LED-Light, LED-Licht, City of New York, Department of Design and Construction, United States of America, USA, City of New York, NY


Wettbewerbsart: offener Wettbewerb

AusloberIn: New York City, Department of Design and Construction

Ort: New York City, NY, United States

Wettbewerbszeitraum: Mai 2004

Team: Andreas Hradil, Michael Vitek